5 Best Diwali Gift Ideas that’ll work their magic on family and friends

This Diwali, focus on yourself and let your inner spark diminish all the negativity in your life. Spread good vibes, burst fire-crackers with children and embrace the divinity within your soul, for these things are essential to celebrate Diwali, the right way. Every Indian loves the festival of Diwali because it honours everybody’s favourite Lord Ram, who returned back from the 14 years exile after killing the ten-headed vicious king of Lanka, Ravan. Another reason why everyone loves this festival of lights is because people meet and greet each other and give soft toy gifts to children, spread love and express their heartfelt emotions to family and friends.


5 Best Diwali Gift Ideas


Right here, we’ll tell you how some of the best Diwali gift ideas can make you the ‘phataka’ of your family and friends’ group. Let, people look forward to your gifts during all occasions, starting this Diwali make a pledge to be different from the rest.

1) Gift Envelopes – Small things like fancy gift envelopes can make a good impression on others. If you think envelopes lack the swag and cannot do wonders for your image, then you’re wrong as they fall under the bracket of best Diwali gift ideas. Not only are they cheap but also have an attractive appeal. The reason they are considered to be the best is because they can be customized with end number of props, making it look classy as well as decorative. Thus, adding a personal touch to your gifts.

2) Teddy Bears – Everyone loves being cuddled and hugged and no one is better than a teddy bear, that can really give a cozy and a tight hug. Children are often seeing talking with their soft toys and teddy bears, displaying a sort of emotional bond between them. Therefore, it is the best Diwali gifts for kids as teddies make them joyful. Forget the kids, during Diwali even the grown-ups relentlessly search for best teddy bear gifts online as these cute little adorable creature never fail to impress.

3) Cushions – We believe dreams can be turned into reality, but for ambitious dreams to make their presence felt, you need to have a peaceful sleep. And having a peaceful sleep is in everybody’s wish list, but many people fail as they don’t depend on a reliable cushion to do the job. We think cushions are the best Diwali gifts for kids as they are tender and have sleep induced fabric that makes children feel like they’re on the seventh heaven. After an eventful Diwali celebration, a cushion can certainly be a source of great help to get the best sleep ever.

4) Movie DVD – Diwali is the time when everyone in the family leaves all their daily chores and relishes the time they spend with family. Give the gift of time to your family and enjoy watching a family bollywood movie on a DVD with your loved ones and see the magic that happens. The movie scenes will make you laugh, cry and even thrill you; such is the magic of cinema. Therefore, this is the best way to spend time with family as watching a family movie develops a strong bond between people in the family.

5) Stationery gifts – Sometimes, it’s the little things that hold the bigger things in life and these little things are called stationeries. If you want someone to be thankful to you throughout life, simply give them stationery as they’ll be required to perform minor to major tasks. During the festival of Diwali, people in the family comprising of cousins’ gift various items that certainly don’t seem to be useful in daily life but stationery proves to be the perfect idea and the right Diwali gift for family.

Diwali is certainly an occasion, when light meets darkness and vanishes it forever. Hence, people burn their egos and give light to the flame of love and abundance by gifting each other moments that transform into cherished memories. And Ultra Gift Box is home for Diwali gifts that never go out of style. Happy Diwali!





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