How to choose a friendly Soft Toy for your Baby

Your new born baby is a gift from God. That simply means you will put in all efforts to make sure your baby is given the best of the world. A healthy supply of food for growth and development, cotton clothes to make your baby feel comfortable and the last but not the least stuffed toys for babies. Parents often give their child a variety of soft toys to play with, but forget to ask themselves some serious questions. Will the toy harm my baby in some manner? How can I ensure my child’s safety?


Choose a friendly soft toy for baby


We’ll help you choose quality soft toys for babies that are safe. The job for parents is quite simple yet exciting. There are different categories of toys for different age groups and all toys come with unique characteristics to help develop your child physically as well as mentally. Explore the various options available at hand for your baby during their growing period.

Newborn to six months – The initial period of growth for babies is very critical and choosing the right soft toys for them is very important. Hence, select plush toys for babies to grab their attention. Plush toys are the best for babies who are teething. Parents when selecting soft toys for babies should be mindful that the toys they buy should have furs which aren’t long. Also, another factor that needs to be considered is to buy toys that don’t have buttons or any sharp object.

Six months to one year – Babies are mostly active during these years and tend to hold onto things tighter. Invest in soft toys that are light in weight and make sure the material of the fur is soft.

One year and above – Excitement is at its peak for babies as they begin to explore the world around them. They react to things and providing them with their favourite baby soft toys is a treat they can’t resist. So keep them coming for some much needed visual delight. Babies show qualities of possession and rebuke when anyone touches or goes near their stuffed toys.

Two years and growing – When babies reach this age, they cry less and wonder more. Things are explored by them, from their cat soft toy to elephant soft toy, all become a matter of fascination for them. The ability to touch, feel, smell and recognize things are on a high, that’s why parents need to make sure that toys bought by them are highly interactive as well.

Three years and curious – As much as adults love travelling and exploring so do babies. Children start identifying with cartoon characters and begin to associate themselves with their favourite cartoons. Don’t be astonished if your child, in a stubborn manner asks you to buy a penguin soft toy, which he saw on television. A form of a liking develops in children when they see something unique. The extent of affection for a particular character slowly takes over them and children start acting and behaving like them.

Everything falls in place when babies are nurtured and taken care of. Parents share a special bond with their babies and giving them what they need the most during the initial period is crucial.




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  1. I’m glad I came across your article about choosing a soft toy. My most favorite part of your article is when you talked about how you enumerated the growing stages of a child together with the suggestion of the best toy to give. My niece is turning 1 next month, and I’m looking to give her a teddy bear as my gift. I will make sure to consider all your tips when I go shopping for her gift.

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