Choose the right Gift Envelope for your family and friends

When people care for one another, they express themselves in a manner that makes one feel special. Giving gifts to your family and friends is one way to show your love and concern to them. And we don’t settle nowadays to gift someone for the sake of it, we really want to invest, put the right effort in choosing the right gift that truly means something to the other person, be it your family or friend. Therefore, we have brought gift envelopes into the picture that serves as a unique gift item and a nostalgic one too.


Choosing right Gift Envelope


It’s the simple things that create an impression and an envelope can certainly do a lot for you, don’t believe us, we’ll tell you how an envelope can really make you look like a swagger.

Express yourself with envelopes – You must have heard people saying, the decoration of the place was really beautiful. The word ‘decoration’ is the key as it has an attractive feature that draws people. Same goes with decorative fancy gift envelopes. The art of decorating an envelope to make an impact is the main goal. And to accomplish a goal, you need a proper plan and a thought that excites you. To make a fancy envelope, many factors come into play, the design, the colors, the items used. For instance, if you want to express your love for your mother on her birthday, you can choose an envelope; stick small passport size pictures of your mother on the front side of the envelope. As far as the design is concerned, you can charcoal pencil to maximize its effect on your mother.

Valuable envelopes – Suppose if someone in the family is about to get married and you have no idea on what to gift, then fear not as shagun envelopes can really work in favor of you. Shagun envelopes works like a magic wand during special occasions as they are richly designed with beads and mirrors. Some people make fantastic use of these envelopes by placing gold and silver coins above them.

Theme based envelopes – Boring gifts and plain envelopes are not entertained by anyone these days. In order to spice up your gift, you can play around with a simple wedding gift envelope and decorate it with a beautiful caricature or simply chalk out a Bollywood theme envelope that depicts famous marriage scenes from Hindi movies.

Give it an arty touch – Simple things definitely must be having their own charm but some things in life require effort and needs some decoration to add some sheen to it. To make a decorative envelope, you can give it an artistic touch by sketching the face of your friend or your loved one onto the envelope. It can definitely lighten up their mood.

Celebrate birthdays with creative envelopes – Almost all birthday gifts include envelopes that either include money or a letter. However, birthday envelopes too can be used as a medium of practice to bring out the creative aspect in you. Choose a plain envelope and fill it with your creativity, for starters, using cartoon-based stickers is a good option.




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