How to clean a Teddy Bear with home remedies

Everyone loves playing with teddy bears as they are cute, adorable and fun to play with. Children and adults are very fond of these cuddly bears as they provide them with comfort, relaxes them and also gives emotional stability. Teddy bear is gifted with so many benefits, one of them is making the atmosphere calm and composed. But the positive aspect of having these cuties at home is, it heals people, who are suffering from prolonged sickness. It sort of rejuvenates them, brings back the lost momentum. However, stuffed toys need some pampering and love too as over the years after playing with them, they get dirty and their fur becomes home to allergies, insects and other negative elements. Here, we’ll guide you on how cleaning stuffed toys with home remedies is a good idea.


Home Remedies to clean Teddy Bear


Washing machine comes to the rescue:
Before waging a war against dust and germs that have spoilt the health of your teddy bear, you can try washing them in the washing machine. Nowadays, machine washable teddy bears are available in the online market that can be bought at an affordable rate. These teddies not only have the softest fur but can also handle rough usage. However, over the years everything ages so why not these innocent beings. But there is some relief, thanks to home remedies that can be applied to clean them. The popularity of baking soda over the internet cannot be denied as it is a vital ingredient to clean the most stubborn stains, even the ones on teddy bears.

Lemon and hot water cure:
There are other methods also to get rid of stains, one effective remedy is hot water and lemon. Take at least 3 lemon pieces and mix them with hot water, let the mixture settle. With a piece of cotton, gently use the mixture and apply it on the affected area of the teddy bear. And after the treatment, you can wash it and you’ll be surprised to see the result. Disinfecting kids toys with home remedies is necessary because they work best on the delicate surface of the teddy bear as chemicals can destroy the fabric, but these home remedy tips are friends for life.

Quickly healing processes:
People nowadays don’t have patience and want quick results and that’s why dry cleaning your teddy bear is the best method. It is fast and effective. Truly makes your teddy bear look as good as new. So adopt these quick fixes and bid good bye to all the chemicals that might actually spoil your most adored and best plush stuffed animals.

We hope you really loved reading these helpful tips as they’re genuine and can really increase the life-span of your favourite soft toy.



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