Decorative Envelopes that Accentuate Festive Vibes!

India takes on a whole new avatar after the month of August due to the flurry of festivities that follow. Each household brims with energy as we welcome auspicious occasions wholeheartedly with open arms. From relishing authentic cuisines to meeting loved ones and engaging in colourful customs, there is a lot of excitement in the air. Gifting is another aspect that takes centre stage during this time. It is almost impossible to think of new gifts, each time a new festival approaches, and you cannot neglect the same either. That’s when you can hand over cash or gift coupons instead of buying a separate gift for every occasion. Ultra Gift Box has a wide range of decorative envelopes that can be used to enclose your gifts.

Decorative Envelopes

People from different parts of the country celebrate Janmashtami in different ways. Some conduct overnight poojas, while others create a human pyramid to break open the pot filled with butter. You can use fancy shagun envelopes to offer dakshina to the priest. Children dress up like Radha and Krishna during this festival to participate in various functions. Gift envelopes can be used to hand out cash prizes to these little performers or to the team that manages to break the pot of butter first.

Ganesh Chaturthi:
Soon after Janmashtami, Lord Ganesha arrives with all the pomp and glory to get rid of our worries in life. People invite their friends and relatives home to seek Ganesha’s blessings. The ones who are invited can offer money to the lord in fancy gift envelopes. Ultra Gift Box is a leading shopping portal where you can look for interesting fancy shagun envelopes online in unique themes and designs.

Onam is one of the most important festivals of Kerala. People dress up in their traditional attire, create Rangolis out of flowers and prepare a full-course traditional meal for friends and family. Those who are invited to such a feast can hand over cash or vouchers in decorative envelopes from Ultra Gift Box. We also have unique envelopes with 3D designs that will surely bring a smile on the recipient’s face! These gift envelopes for money perfectly match with the festive vibes of the season.

Navratri and Dussehra:
October is one of the most happening months according to Hindu traditions. From Navratri to Dusshra and Diwali the celebrations never seem to end! Buy shagun gift envelopes from Ultra Gift Box to share positivity and happiness with your dear ones. Select from an amazing collection of fancy envelopes online that are specially designed for festive occasions.

Relations are strengthened by creating memories. Decorative envelopes are much better than the simple ones as they create a lasting impression. Apart from envelopes, you can also shop stationery gifts for kids online so that they feel special during festive times.

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