How to gently wash and take care of your child’s Plush Toy

Define the word huggable, adorable and lovable? And we’ll say cute soft toys. They are just fabulous to be around with. Soft like a baby’s skin, plush toys can melt anyone’s, heart. These furry little-stuffed toys are liked by everyone. From children to adults, everyone is fond of them. But unforeseen circumstances occur and children’s favorite plush toys at times get dirty and accumulate all sorts of bugs and termites. These bugs can play hide and seek and fool us into believing that they do not exist but be watchful, for they might cause serious problems.


Gently Wash Childs Plush Toy


Always Use a Mild detergent:
Relax, we are here to save the day. If your child’s soft toy looks like an LIC agent who has suffered the wrath of the summer sun, then the time has come for some rinse and shine. Sometimes soft teddy bears are home to dust particles and termites, but that doesn’t mean that you need to put them away. It simply means they need to be washed and cleaned in a washing machine. Use a mild detergent or some hand wash to clean your child’s soft toy like teddy bears.

Soft plush toys are best for the children because they are tender and easy to clean. However, tender doesn’t mix well with a hard soap or a technologically advanced washing powder; hence before acting on it, make sure you know the result of it. Children love playing with cute plush toys like a teddy bear or a cute yellow duck or a big purple dinosaur. Parents before indulging in some washing powder treatment, make sure you’re not taking away the cuteness away from those plush toys because they are the reason, your child smiles.

Easier and More Effective Alternatives:
Once, the soft toy starts to degrade, clean it thoroughly. Germs, insects, and termites are persistent at times and may cause some serious infection to your child. For the safety of your child, make sure you clean the soft toy to perfection. Home remedies work profitably on soft toys. People use various home-based products to clean toys, from baking soda to lemon and hot water treatment. Vinegar is also helpful for cleaning toys. Another therapy that works wonders is keeping the toy inside the freezer overnight. You may think it to be a foolish idea but it works and you have to see it to believe it.

Why is it so important?
Plush toys for kids are created with a lot of sophistication now days to ensure durability and other factors. With technology coming into play, these cute adorable soft toys are endowed with the best features. However, children are carefree and handle toys in a haphazard manner. Parents need to step in and ensure the child’s playing area is clean and tidy.

At a tender growing age, babies put almost everything in their mouth and soft toys too are not spared. Hence, it becomes the responsibility of the parent to come to the baby’s rescue. Before buying plush toys for babies, parents should inspect the material used and the fabric. At times, it may cause some serious harm to the growing baby. Branded companies are conscious and they too manufacture toys age-wise for children. They lay special emphasis on the material of the toy and ensure no sharp objects or harmful features are used while creating toys.

The safety of your baby’s health lies in your hands, so take care of your baby. Buy them their favorite soft toys and also clean them when the need arises.


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